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Session:Biomedical and biometric applications
Time:Friday, May 21, 15:30 - 17:30
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Industry Technology Track: Biomedical
Authors: Mohammad Khan; Mohammad Ali Jinnah University 
 Mohammad Khalid Khan; International Islamic University 
 Muhammad Aurangzeb Khan; International Islamic University 
Abstract: The detection and enhancement of Coronary arterial trees (CAT's) in an angiogram image is an important pre-processing task that will greatly reduce the stress on further processing such as 3-D reconstruction of CAT model. Conventional techniques make use of gradient operators to detect CAT structure. However, the gradients are local operators that do not provide continuous map of arterial trees especially in noisy environment. In this paper, we propose a decimation-free directional filter bank (DFB) structure. It provides output in the form of directional images as opposed to directional sub-bands provided in previous DFBs. The presence of directional images facilitates any further spatial processing if needed. However, we have to prepare an angiogram image before it can be given as input to the proposed DFB structure due to the fact that angiograms acquired are low in contrast. The preparation steps involve removing non-uniform illumination from the image. Then proposed DFB structure outputs directional images. The final enhanced result is constructed on a block-by-block basis by comparing energy of all the directional images and picking one that provides maximum energy. The enhancement that results in the final image is due to the fact that we can separate omni-directional background noise from CAT structure which is pre-dominantly a directional feature.

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