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Session:Image and Video Coding and Quality
Time:Friday, May 21, 15:30 - 17:30
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing: Image Quality
Authors: Goran Ivkovic; University of South Florida 
 Ravi Sankar; University of South Florida 
Abstract: This paper presents a new novel algorithm for image quality assessment. First, a simple model of human visual system, consisting of a nonlinear function and a 2-D filter, processes the input images. This filter has one user-defined parameter, whose value depends on the reference image. In the next step the average value of locally computed correlation coefficients between the two processed images is found. This criterion is closely related to the way in which human observer assesses image quality. In the last step image quality measure is computed as the average value of locally computed correlation coefficients, adjusted by average correlation coefficient between the reference image and error image. This way the proposed measure differentiates between the random and signal-dependant distortion, which have different effects on human observer. Performance of the proposed quality measure is illustrated by examples involving images with different types of degradation.

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