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Paper:SP-P3.15 (ICASSP 2003 Paper)
Session:Topics in Speaker and Langauge Recognition
Time:Tuesday, May 18, 15:30 - 17:30
Presentation: Poster (ICASSP 2003 Presentation)
Topic: Speech Processing: Lexical Issues
Authors: Kyung-Tak Lee; Institut Eurécom 
 Lynette Melnar; Motorola Labs 
 Jim Talley; Motorola Labs 
 Christian J. Wellekens; Institut Eurécom 
Abstract: This paper further develops a previously proposed adaptation method for speech recognition called Symbolic Speaker Adaptation (SSA). The basic idea of SSA is to model a speaker's pronunciation as a blend of speech varieties (SVs) - regional dialects and foreign accents - for which the system has existing pronunciation models. The system determines during an adaptation process the relative applicability of those models, yielding a speech variety profile (SVP) for each speaker. Speaker-dependent lexica for recognition are determined from a speaker's SVP. In this paper, we discuss a series of experiments designed to analyze how the SSA method is affected by SV-balanced training, expanded phone inventories, reduced amounts of adaptation data, and speech from SVs not modeled by the system. The most dramatic improvements were obtained by using expanded (''SV-inclusive'') phone inventories. SSA was also shown to be effective with a very small number of adaptation sentences. And, SSA's SV blending scheme yields higher accuracy than using a SV classification scheme for speakers of novel (unseen) SVs.

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