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Session:Multilinguality in Speech Processing
Time:Tuesday, May 18, 14:42 - 14:59
Presentation: Special Session Lecture
Topic: Special Sessions: Multilinguality in Speech Processing
Authors: Helen Meng; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
 Yuk-Chi Li; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
 Tien-Ying Fung; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
 Kon-Fan Low; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
 Ka-Fai Chow; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
 Tin-Hang Lo; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
 P. C. Ching; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
 Man-Cheuk Ho; Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Abstract: We report on the development of English-Chinese bilingual speech applications on a VXML platform. VXML support displayless voice browsing of Web content. We have developed the CU Voice Browser based on OpenVXI 2.0. We have also integrated the voice browser with the OpenSpeech Recognizer (for English speech recognition), CU RSBB (for Chinese speech recognition), Speechify (for English speech synthesis) and CU VOCAL (for Chinese speech synthesis in order to support bilingual voice browsing. The CU Voice Browser includes an attribute for identifying the appropriate language for speech input/output, thereby invoking the appropriate speech engine for recognition / synthesis. We have developed two bilingual sample applications - CU Weather and CU News. This paper provides the associated VXML documents that specify these bilingual dialogs for browsing weather and news information respe

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