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Session:Applications to Music II
Time:Friday, May 21, 09:30 - 11:30
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Audio and Electroacoustics: Applications to Music
Authors: Sylvain Stotzer; University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg  
 Ottar Johnsen; University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg  
 Frédéric Bapst; University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg  
 Christoph Sudan; University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg  
 Rolf Ingold; University of Fribourg  
Abstract: The optical retrieval and storage technique called VisualAudio provides a way to retrieve sound information from an analog disk without any mechanical contact. The process is straightforward: we take a picture of each side of the disk using a dedicated analog camera, we store the film as our working copy, and when needed, we scan the film and process the image in order to extract the sound. This technique can be used to retrieve the sound of old records that are in such a bad shape that no regular turntable can be used. A working prototype has been built and has retrieved the sound from several records. In this paper, we present signal processing issues of this system and in particular a signal to noise ratio analysis.

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