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Session:Topics in Speaker and Langauge Recognition
Time:Tuesday, May 18, 15:30 - 17:30
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Speech Processing: Language Identification
Authors: Jorge Gutiérrez; IRIT - UMR 5505 CNRS INPT UPS 
 Jean-Luc Rouas; IRIT - UMR 5505 CNRS INPT UPS 
 Régine André-Obrecht; IRIT - UMR 5505 CNRS INPT UPS 
Abstract: In the field of automatic language identification, several mostly-empirical arithmetic fusion operations are currently done to make a consensus decision from a set of acoustics-based identification systems whose estimated performance is taken into account by means of weighting techniques. This paper presents how to apply the Discriminant Factor Analysis method to formally compute and use weighting performance confidence indexes at the expert and class levels. Moreover, the observation level is also explored. These confidence indexes allow us not only to qualify the identification decision with additional insight by means of a certainty degree but also to provide acoustics-based identification systems with powerful uncertainty-based inference techniques where systems’ a priori performance knowledge is a key heuristic-like element to improve language identification capabilities.

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