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Session:Stationary Signals and Spectral Analysis
Time:Wednesday, May 19, 13:20 - 13:40
Presentation: Lecture
Topic: Signal Processing Theory and Methods: Stationary Signals & Spectrum Analysis
Authors: Cristiano Santos; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 
 Sergio Netto; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 
 Luiz Biscainho; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 
 Danillo Graziosi; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 
Abstract: This paper proposes a new transform for musical audio signals. The new transform, so-called modified constant-Q fast filter bank (mCQFFB), yields a log-like description in the frequency domain with improved frequency response when compared to the standard DFT. The improved frequency response of the mCQFFB is achieved by interpreting the sliding-DFT (sDFT) as a multi-stage filter bank, and substituting the sDFT basic filter in this description by a high-order filter with improved characteristics. The logarithm spectral scale of the mCQFFB is achieved by the adequate resampling of a chosen channel filter. We also discuss implementation issues related to the mCQFFB and exemplify its application to the analysis of musical signals.

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