Technical Program

Times and locations subject to change.

Monday Morning, May 17
9:00 - 12:00
Tutorial: TUT-1: Ultra Wideband Communications Jolliet
Tutorial: TUT-2: Computational Auditory Scene Analysis Marquette
Tutorial: TUT-3: Multimodal User Authentication: from Theory to Practice Matapedia
Tutorial: TUT-4: Hidden Markov Models in Multimedia Signal Processing and Multimodal Human Machine Communication Duluth
Monday Afternoon, May 17
13:30 - 16:30
Tutorial: TUT-5: Sensor Networks, Aeroacoustics, and Signal Processing Duluth
Tutorial: TUT-6: Audio Coding: Recent Advances and Standards Marquette
Tutorial: TUT-7: Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments on Mobile Devices Jolliet
Tutorial: TUT-8: Security of Multimedia Content in Digital Distribution and Storage Matapedia
Monday, May 17
16:45 - 18:00
Panel: PANEL-1: Robust Speech Recognition in The Real World Grand Salon
Tuesday, May 18
09:00 - 11:30
Keynote: KEY-1: Welcome, Awards Ceremony, and Keynote - Pervasive Broadband: Opportunities for Signal Processing Grand Salon
13:00 - 15:00
AE-L1: Hearing Aids and Auditory Modeling Marquette
Special Session: SS-1: Multilinguality in Speech Processing Grand Salon
SPTM-L1: Signal Reconstruction and Filter Design Duluth
SPCOM-L1: Frequency/Channel Estimation in OFDM Jolliet
Special Session: SS-2: Multi-Sensory Processing for Context-Aware Computing Mackenzie
SPTM-P1: System Identification and Parameter Estimation Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P1: Video Coding Poster Area 2
SP-P1: Speech Coding for Networks / Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Poster Area 3
IMDSP-P2: Restoration Poster Area 4
SP-P2: Speaker Adaptation Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P1: Ultra Wideband Systems Poster Area 6
SAM-P1: Array Processing Poster Area 7
03-P1: ICASSP 2003 Papers Poster Area 8
15:30 - 17:30
AE-L2: Spatial and Multichannel Audio Marquette
SP-L1: Voice Conversion and Morphing Algorithms for TTS Systems Grand Salon
SPTM-L2: Networks and Communication Systems Modeling Duluth
SAM-L1: MIMO Systems and Space-Time Coding Jolliet
Special Session: SS-3: Wireless Communications over Rapidly Time-Varying Channels Mackenzie
SPTM-P2: Sampling, Extrapolation, and Interpolation Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P3: Robust and Scalable Coding Poster Area 2
SP-P3: Topics in Speaker and Langauge Recognition Poster Area 3
IMDSP-P4: Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing: Theory and Methods Poster Area 4
SP-P4: Topics in Speech Understanding Systems Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P2: Wireless Access and Networking Poster Area 6
SAM-P2: Detection and Estimation Poster Area 7
MLSP-P1: Blind Source Separation and ICA Poster Area 8
Wednesday, May 19
08:00 - 09:00
Plenary: PLEN-1: Human Speech: The Alpha and Omega of Signal Processing Grand Salon
09:30 - 11:30
AE-L3: Microphone Array Signal Processing Marquette
SP-L2: Modeling Approaches in Speaker Recognition Grand Salon
SPTM-L3: Analysis of Adaptive Filter Algorithms Duluth
SAM-L2: Blind Source Estimation and Channel Identification Jolliet
Special Session: SS-4: Signal Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks I Mackenzie
SP-P6: Feature Analysis for ASR, TTS, and Verification Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P5: Motion Estimation Poster Area 2
SP-P5: Topics in Speech Coding Poster Area 3
SPTM-P3: Time-Frequency Distributions Poster Area 4
SPCOM-P3: Joint Source/Channel Coding and Quantization Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P4: Iterative Decoding Algorithms and Architectures Poster Area 6
SAM-P3: Beamforming and Space-Time Processing Poster Area 7
SPED-P1: Signal Processing Education Poster Area 8
13:00 - 15:00
IMDSP-L1: Image and Video Analysis Marquette
SP-L3: Distributed Speech Recognition Grand Salon
SPTM-L4: Stationary Signals and Spectral Analysis Duluth
DISPS-L1: VLSI Architectures for Video and Image Processing Jolliet
Special Session: SS-5: Signal Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks II Mackenzie
AE-P1: Loudspeaker and Microphone Array Signal Processing Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P6: Watermarking I Poster Area 2
SP-P7: Topics in Speech Analysis Poster Area 3
SPTM-P4: Adaptive Filters I Poster Area 4
SP-P8: Voice Activity Detection and Speech Segmentation Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P5: MIMO Capacity Maximization/Space-Time Coding Poster Area 6
SAM-P4: Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Poster Area 7
MLSP-P2: Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications Poster Area 8
15:30 - 17:30
IMDSP-L2: Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing: Theory Marquette
SP-L4: Higher-Level Knowledge in Speaker Recognition Grand Salon
SPTM-L5: Signal Parameter Estimation Duluth
SPCOM-L2: Performance of MIMO systems Jolliet
Special Session: SS-6: Convolutive Blind Source Separation for Speech and Audio Signals Mackenzie
AE-P2: Echo Cancellation and Active Noise Control Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P7: Indexing and Retrieval Poster Area 2
SP-P9: Topics in Speech Synthesis Poster Area 3
SPTM-P5: Adaptive Systems and Signal Processing Poster Area 4
SP-P10: Topics in Speech Enhancement Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P6: OFDM and Multi-Carrier Systems Poster Area 6
SAM-P5: Sensor Networks Poster Area 7
MLSP-P3: Speech and Audio Processing Poster Area 8
Thursday, May 20
08:00 - 09:00
Plenary: PLEN-2: Streaming Signal Processors Grand Salon
09:30 - 11:30
IMDSP-L3: Still Image Coding Marquette
SP-L5: Pitch and Tone Based Speech Analysis Grand Salon
Special Session: SS-7: Distributed Digital Signal Processing for Sensor Networking Duluth
SPCOM-L3: Superimposed training Jolliet
MLSP-L1: Pattern Recognition and Classification I Mackenzie
SPTM-P6: Non-Stationary Signal Analysis and Modeling Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P8: Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing: Applications I Poster Area 2
SP-P11: Topics in Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Poster Area 3
SPTM-P7: Signal Enhancement and Reconstruction Poster Area 4
SP-P12: Acoustic Modeling: Model Complexity, General Topics Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P7: MIMO Receiver Algorithms Poster Area 6
SAM-P6: Space-Time Processing for Communications Poster Area 7
MLSP-P4: Machine Learning Applications Poster Area 8
13:00 - 15:00
IMDSP-L4: Watermarking II Marquette
SP-L6: Feature Analysis for Speech Recognition Grand Salon
Special Session: SS-8: Innovations in Sampling Theory and Applications Duluth
SPCOM-L4: (Semi)blind Techniques I Jolliet
MSP-L1: Multimedia Communication, Networking and Security I Mackenzie
AE-P3: Broadband Coding, Perceptual Coding, and Auditory Modeling Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P9: Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing: Applications II Poster Area 2
SPTM-P8: Adaptive Filters II Poster Area 4
SP-P13: General Topics in Robust Speech Recognition Poster Area 3
SPTM-P9: Nonlinear Systems and Signal Processing Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P8: Synchronization and Timing Recovery Poster Area 6
SAM-P7: Applications of Multichannel Signal Processing Poster Area 7
MLSP-P5: Image and Video Processing Poster Area 8
15:30 - 17:30
IMDSP-L5: Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing: Applications III Marquette
SP-L7: Quantization Techniques in Speech Coding Grand Salon
Special Session: SS-9: Advances in Signal Processing for Positioning, Tracking, and Navigation Duluth
SPCOM-L5: Space-Time Coding Jolliet
ITT-L1: Image Processing Applications Mackenzie
AE-P4: Applications to Music I Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P10: Image Analysis Poster Area 2
SP-P14: Acoustic Modeling: Tone, Prosody, and Features Poster Area 3
SPTM-P10: Multirate Systems and Denoising Poster Area 4
SPCOM-P9: (Semi)blind Techniques II Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P10: Application-Specific Systems and Implementations Poster Area 6
ITT-P1: Speech and Language Applications Poster Area 7
MLSP-P6: Learning Theory and Models Poster Area 8
Friday, May 21
08:00 - 09:00
Plenary: PLEN-3: Biocomplexity from System to Neuron and Beyond Grand Salon
09:30 - 11:30
IMDSP-L6: Interframe Subband/Wavelet Video Coding Marquette
SP-L8: Acoustic Modeling: New Search Features and Supervised Training Grand Salon
Special Session: SS-10: Manifolds and Geometry in Signal Processing Duluth
SPCOM-L6: MIMO Precoder Design Jolliet
ITT-L2: Defense Applications Mackenzie
AE-P5: Applications to Music II Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P11: Video Analysis Poster Area 2
DISPS-P1: VLSI Algorithms and Architectures for DSP Poster Area 3
SPTM-P11: Filter Banks and Subband Coding Poster Area 4
DISPS-P2: Fast Algorithms Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P11: CDMA and Spread-Spectrum Systems Poster Area 6
ITT-P2: Communication Technoloiges Poster Area 7
MSP-P1: Human Machine Interface; Signal Processing for Media Integration and Application Poster Area 8
13:00 - 15:00
Special Session: SS-11: Lossless Coding Techniques for Audio Signals Marquette
SP-L9: Robust Features for Speech Recognition Grand Salon
MLSP-L2: Blind Source Separation Duluth
Special Session: SS-12: Information Fusion for Multimedia Annotation and Retrieval Jolliet
SP-L10: Multichannel Speech Enhancement Mackenzie
AE-P6: Audio for Multimedia and Networks Poster Area 1
SPTM-P12: Estimation Poster Area 2
DISPS-P3: High Performance DSP Architectures and Systems Poster Area 3
IMDSP-P12: Image Coding Poster Area 4
DISPS-P4: Design and Mapping Techniques Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P12: Detection, Estimation, and Demodulation Poster Area 6
ITT-P3: Cryptography and Watermarking; Manufacturing Applications Poster Area 7
MSP-P2: Multimedia Systems and Applications Poster Area 8
15:30 - 17:30
Special Session: SS-13: Objective Quality Assessment of Speech Marquette
SP-L11: Language Modeling and Search Grand Salon
DISPS-L2: DSP for Communication and Coding Duluth
SAM-L3: Multichannel Signal Processing for Radar and Sonar Jolliet
MLSP-L3: Learning Theory and Modeling Mackenzie
MLSP-P7: Pattern Recognition and Classification II Poster Area 1
IMDSP-P13: Image and Video Coding and Quality Poster Area 2
SP-P15: Robustness in Noisy Environments Poster Area 3
SPTM-P13: Detection and Classification Poster Area 4
SP-P16: Speech Modeling for Robust Speech Recognition Poster Area 5
SPCOM-P13: DMT and xDSL Poster Area 6
ITT-P4: Biomedical and biometric applications Poster Area 7
MSP-P3: Multimedia Communication, Networking and Security II Poster Area 8

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